Building Blocks For Barbers
Giving barbers the tools to make $20k+/month doing 30-40 cuts a week

We help barbers who want to make $15k-$20k/m

Most barbers run a their business like a hobby/side hustle. Everything is unstructured, unorganized, with outdated business tactics of passing out cards & flyers.

The New Era Of Barbering's goal is to give barbers the tools to grow a profitable business that generates $15k-$20k+ a month on only 30-40 haircuts a week.

Become the top 1% market leader

Most barbers are generalist.

Generalist never get paid. Because barbers don't know how to be in the top 1% or market dominance, they get thrown into the pool of average barbers who never are able to leverage their skillset for top dollar clients.

We help build, identify, and take over any market in any city a barber resides in, making their price point not an issue for clients to pay.

Ramp up and scale in 12 months

Most think they know what to do to get to $100+ and make $20k a month, but their results show differently.

We work with barbers who are able to ramp up and scale their business to get to those marks in about 12 months.

Results speak louder than words. Check out the button below to see how we do this!

How it works

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Customer Interview

How Chris (@_southbaychris) went from $4k/m to $4k/week at 21 y/o

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Customer Interview

How Joel (@jfadeit) went from charging $30 a cut to $200

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Customer Interview

How Emmett (@tuffthebarber) went from $30/cut to $80+ in 6 months

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The New Era Process

Evolve from side-hustle to the apex business success

Build the ecosystem

Business is not just about posting videos on social media or about cutting some hair in return for a little cash.

Here's what I help you build to ensure longterm success and $20k months:

– 90-Day Marketing Client Generation Sprint

– High Paying Clientele Generation Systems

– 12-Months Of Price Raises Build Out

– Client Service Build Out

– Business Systems Build Out

– Plug & Play Content Marketing Templates

– Tactical Client Flow Tracking

Access to expert support

You've had to do this on your own up to this point, and yet to hit the goals you got into the industry to create.

When you join Elevated Mentorship, here's what you get lifetime access to:

– Third Party Software For Tracking Implementation

– Twice per Week Mentorship Calls On Zoom (face to face & recorded meetings)

– DM Messenger Chat w/ Daniel

– Facebook Group Mastermind

– Elevated Mentorship Video Course

Create an A-team

Building a business alone sucks.

Building it with other barbers all around the world who have the same mentality as you is fun!

Develop relationships and meet other A-Player mentality barbers that have the same drive and passion as you.

Plan meet-ups, create accountability teams, and conquer business growth together.


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How barbers can scale to $20k/m

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Perception vs reality of price raises

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I help barbers get to $20k+/month with only 30-40 cuts a week

My name is Daniel Contreras and I help barbers get out of the unforgiving hamster wheel of the traditional model of barbering that keeps their prices low, and input barbers into this new era model that produces exponential growth.

If you're interested in escaping this virus and deathtrap that is the traditional model of barbering, click the button below and learn what you must do.

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