How to make $20k+/month cutting hair
We help barbers and hair professionals scale their income to $20k+ /m and charge premium prices, get high paying clients, and retire in 5 years.
How it works

We help barbers who want to make $15k-$20k/m

Most barbers run a their business messy

Everything is unstructured, unorganized, with outdated business tactics of passing out cards & flyers or raising prices when you get booked out.

If these tactics worked, every barber in the industry would be making $20k/m.

Unfortunately, rarely anyone using those methods is actually making that and not burnt out from doing hundred of cuts a week.

The New Era Of Barbering's goal is to give barbers the tools to grow a profitable business that generates $15k-$20k+ a month on only 30-40 haircuts a week.

How it works

Become the top 1% market leader

Most barbers are fighting over the same clients.

They compete on booking apps, try pass out more business cards or post more on social media, sell more shirts, with no boost in their overall income.

We come in and solve the problem: how to get clients that will pay $100+ for a simple haircut in any city.

We help build, identify, and take over any market in any city a barber resides in, removing them form competing for the same low paying/low quality clients.

How it works

Ramp up and scale in 12 months

We work with barbers to ramp up and scale their business to get to $100+ a cut in about 12 months and get barbers to $20k+/ month.

Simple as that, look at our reviews for proof.

Results speak louder than words. Check out the button below to see how we do this!

How it works

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How Chris (@_southbaychris) went from $4k/m to $4k/week at 21 y/o

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Customer Interview

How Joel (@jfadeit) went from charging $60 a cut to $200 in 8 months

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Customer Interview

How Emmett (@tuffthebarber) went from $30/cut to $80+ in 6 months

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I help barbers get to $20k+/month with only 30-40 cuts a week

My name is Daniel Contreras and I help barbers get out of the unforgiving hamster wheel of the traditional model of barbering that keeps their prices low, and input barbers into this new era model that produces exponential growth.

If you're interested in escaping this virus and deathtrap that is the traditional model of barbering, click the button below and learn what you must do.

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