4 stages barbers take

Written by Daniel Contreras on July 4th, 2020

About this video:

1. Traditional (@_southbaychris)

WOM or walk ins helped build clientele
Looks to do volume of more cuts to make more
Sold their soul to the wrong model

2. Social media (@jfadeit)

Posts daily, but focused on the wrong things
Perception vs reality of running a business
Looks the part, but has yet to build a proper business

3. Skill + client flow (@tuffthebarber, @bergx.styles)

Looks to do more services
Is more ego driven then business results

4. New Era

Takes the art, improves the business, adds science
Able to control the business, not over hustle
Able to avoid pitfalls of other three (doesn't optimize for volume, don’t optimize for people to like them, don’t optimize for looking the part)

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