How barbers can scale their business

Written by Daniel Contreras on June 20th, 2020

About this video:

Taking proper care of your business is like taking care of a plant

Example: Plant that got neglected vs a well taken care of plant

Neglected plant: thought I should get a new one
Neglected business: thinks they should get a new one

What’s the difference between the two?

How does that translate to a barbering business

Bad soil - Bad quality of service: no clientele will grow

Not enough water - no client acquisition system: business can’t grow

Not enough sunlight - no tracking or ways to improve: same clients, low pay

Lack of consistent care - no good work ethic: gets lazy/complacent- bad thinking

Too small of a pot - poor war chest/cash reserves: bad spending habits

Doing the wrong things without growth: thinks they should go up in price

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