How Emmett (@tuffthebarber) went from $35/cut with no free time to $100+ in 10 months

Written by Daniel Contreras on March 3rd, 2021


How Emmett (@tuffthebarber) went from $30/cut with no free time to $80+ and having more time with his fam in 6 months

Here's what we cover:

1. How Emmett was running his business prior to joining the Elevated Mentorship program
2. What makes Emmett "tick" to be able to lock in at all costs to grow his business
3. Emmetts mindset and how that has changed over the years from being overly self conscious to a centered confidence and how that aids in his business development
4. The hardships of being overworked as a barber with a family to take care of
5. What life is like now for Emmett since he has been able to grow his business, make more while working less, and how that has had an impact on his family life and being able to spend time with his son
6. Emmett's plan for 2021 and how he is going to grow to $200 a cut by December

Emmett's advice to any barber who wants to build and grow their business:

"The program works, 100%. But if you aren't willing to put in the work, then don't join, this ain't for you."

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