Want 24 new clients at 100/cut this month?

Written by Daniel Contreras on October 13th, 2022

What holds most barbers back isn’t their skill set

It isn’t even their location

Most barbers can't get to 100+ a cut because they can’t get new clients at that level

What they do to get new clients now just won’t continue working at 100+

Because if it did work, you’d have results like Greg (see post above)

That’s 24 NEW clients at 100+ a cut

2,400+ on just new clients alone in one month

What’s even better is these clients tip BIG

One client tipped Greg 20 on top of 125 for just a lineup,

Another tipped 40 for a simple bald and beard.

To top it off, Greg is also nearing another increase to 150

Which he can now easily take over and yes, get new clients at that level

I know this because we’ve helped him build out a proper marketing and client acquisition machine

And that’s just the start for Greg…

So, if you’re looking to finally get off your ass and stop playing in the kiddy pool of the barber industry and get results like Greg,

Then click the button below to book a call with my team to see if we can help your business scale!
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Daniel Contreras

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