This barber wasn't happy...

Written by Daniel Contreras on May 30th, 2022

You've thought this before.

“I'm comfortable, but something's missing”

Let's face it.

Life isn’t bad,

We make decent money,

Run our own business,

Yet still, something is missing.

That was how Daniel was feeling too

Daniel used to be a talker:

A guy who would talk and complain about how shit isn’t going his way, but do nothing about it.

Until he decided to take action.

The screenshot above is a little insight into what he’s been able to do in the last few months since joining.

What changed for Daniel?

Sure, he got into the EM program and did implement all the stuff we have

But, but that’s not it.

It all started when he understood that he was comfortable.

A lot of people will go their whole lives blaming others

Those people fail to realize that opportunity was right in front of them.

That dream girl they wanted?

They walked by each other every day in the store but never spoke.

That dream life they envisioned?

It was always there waiting for them to make the decision that would unlock it.

The corny quote is always “change your mind, change your life”.

You’ve been reading all of these emails.

Probably seen my IG or Youtube content,

Yet still know something is missing in your career deep down

You’ve had the opportunity knocking, don’t let it slip by again.

If you’re ready to change things,

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