This barber makes $4k a week

Written by Daniel Contreras on November 11th, 2021

This is Mike (@madd_cutts), and he just broke the $4k a week mark recently with only 2 services as a barber in the EM program.

Here's how we did it:

Unlike the rest of the industry, we focus on implementing a scalable model for our barbers to work off of.

What most barbers focus on is keep prices fair, focus on doing a lot of volume cuts, post on social media to get an overflow of clients, then going up by $10 every 8+ months.

This is not only slow, but inefficient if a barber wants to be able to make $4k a week over a long period of time without having their body break down and suffer from burnout (which does happen when you try to cut as many heads as possible each day)

Once we have this scalable model of acquiring clients at higher price points, we then track the entire business to ensure that when we do scale, we can identify the problems, fix them fast, and continue scaling.

What most barbers do when they raise prices is similar to Russian roulette.

They go up, hope for the best, and maybe it works out and maybe it doesn't.

Can a barber get lucky a few times?


But eventually, problems that should have been fixed at lower prices will eventually choke the barber business to break, meaning losing all new client flow and having all of their old clients leave to new barbers who charge less.

This is completely avoidable if the barber understands that the model they are trying to scale with is less of an analytical experiment and more of a random guessing game.

Barbers that have the correct tools to scale their business and make proper decisions have "clear thinking" and can accelerate faster than the barbers around them.

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