This barber got more new high-paying clients??

Written by Daniel Contreras on March 11th, 2022

Barbers always forget this.

In order to scale to $20k/m, you must generate new clients.

This is because your current clients have a threshold for what they will pay for a haircut.

If you out price them, you will no longer have clients or a business.

This is what keeps barbers in fear of going up, plain and simple.

The good thing is that there is a solution to get more clients at higher price points.

Take Johann for example.

I just started working with Johann recently, and he’s already seeing the results

Now, will he make $20k/m next month?


But what he is doing is laying the foundations so that his business can reach that point in about 12 months.

While other barbers around him might keep up in the “raising price” war, 

At some point, they will hit a plateau, while Johann keeps scaling and generating new clients at higher price points.


Well, Johann has a proven system and the guidance from me and my team who have been able to produce that result for other barbers, so we know what we are talking about.

This eliminates the guessing and trying to do it on his own, because he also knew that at a certain level, he wouldn’t know what to do in order to continue to grow. 

Johann was proactive a few months ago and booked a call with my team to see if we could help him scale.

On that call, we broke down his biz and found that we could 100% help, so we started to work together and now he’s seeing the results.

Fed up with not taking action on any of the emails I send out and not getting new higher-paying clients?

If you are and are actually ready to get serious about your business and not pretend that everything is going just fine (because we both know it’s not fine and it could be better)

Then click the button below to book a call with my team to see if we can help your business scale!
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