Luis is charging $$$ in a small city

Written by Daniel Contreras on March 11th, 2022

This is an odd one for you.

Typically, small cities are notorious for low-priced haircuts.

Which makes sense.

Not enough people in city, too much competition, gotta keep prices low in order to make any $$

This is the old mentality.

Luis always lived by this unwritten rule.

He lives in a small city in North Carolina with a population of only 7,000 people.

What’s different about Luis is that he is now charging $50 a cut in the same city, having more success, and looking to go up to $75 very soon.

Let’s go through the stats:

He’s gained 50 new clients in about 2 months of work

He’s raised his prices to $50 when everyone said it couldn’t be done

After he raised prices, he even had 15 new clients book at his new price

Now, he’s looking ot go up to $75 in the next few months.

How did Luis get these results?

Well, he joined my flagship Elevated Mentorship program and has been working with me directly to help scale his business. 

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