Jessie is charging $$$ in Omaha Nebraska

Written by Daniel Contreras on March 11th, 2022

Here’s a question:

If you couldn’t blame your city or location as the reason why you can’t make more as a barber, who do have left to blame?

You see, most barbers think that the only way to make more money and charge more is to move to a bigger city.

They fail to fix the core issue which is they have no clue how to run, scale, or optimize a business in order to grow to $15k/m.

This is exactly what Jessie (@jxssixthebarber) went through. 

Jessie moved from Omaha Nebraska to Los Angeles a few years ago thinking it would solve his main issue of making more as a barber.

It didn’t. 

In fact, he had reached out originally to work with me in the EM program while he was in LA, but opted to not join because he thought he could achieve his goals on his own.

A year went by, and nothing had changed in his business, and Jessie moved back to Omaha.

However this time,  he decided to drop his pride and ego, booked another call with me, and decided this time that he needed help after realizing he was guessing on how to grow.

The result?

Well, here’s an update from the man himself below…

Let’s break this down:

He joined the program in August and was able to raise his prices properly in November

Since being at the new $50 price point, he gained 12 NEW clients in his business

Successfully grew his business in the same town he thought charging more would be impossible. 

 Jessie has had an incredible winter period, and is looking to get up to $75 soon and then $100 this year!

That’s a $70 increase in less than 12 months.

So why did Jessie have such quick success?

Well, he stopped trying to guess and actually got help. 

He learned in 12 months what most barbers don’t realize even after 12 years of cutting hair which is that barbers don’t understand what to do or how to achieve these types of results. 

No one was ever taught what to do step by step on how to run a business like a business, and even something like the business strategy is a foreign language to most.

Barbers will think adding services or making the “experience” better or being on a booking app is a business strategy.

This is 101 basics, not a strategy to get you to $20k months.

What’s worse is most will think once they have those simple things, know how to post on IG and TikTok that all they have to do is “grind it out” until they see $20k months. 

What ends up happening is they waste years hoping and praying this will work, defending this “method” of running a business as truth and telling everyone they are “up next”, 

Only to be disappointed when they realize they wasted 10 years just standing behind a chair doing what every old head before them was doing:

Wasting time.

Sound familiar?

If it does, and you want to and are ready to make a change,

Then click the button below to book a call with my team to see if we can help your business scale!
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