How Favio (@cutty_fresh) went from charging $50 to $100 in 5 months

Written by Daniel Contreras on December 3rd, 2021

If you’ve been trying to grow your barber business and charge $100 a haircut but so far have been unsuccessful, then read on. 

Today I want to share with you Favio’s (@cutty_fresh) story.

Like any adult, Favio has bills to pay, as well as a family to feed. 

He had a strong clientele and was making decent money charging $50 a cut. 

The problem? He was overworked, undervalued, and could not cut more heads, and could not raise his price due to having cheap clients that wouldn’t pay more.

He had gone the route of running other businesses in order to increase cash flow because, to be honest, he did not believe he could make more from cutting hair.

He had seen an ad on YouTube for the Elevated Mentorship program stating how I helped barbers make $20k a month and raise prices to $100+ and decided to book a call to see if I could help him.

Five months into working with me, and he is now charging $100.

I did a customer interview with Favio recently so he could break down his journey, what he has learned so far and how overall the program has helped him make the jump in such a short amount of time. 

Here’s what we cover:

1. Favio’s journey as a barber and how the traditional route got him “stuck”
2. How he came across the EM program and what he found most valuable 
3. What EM helped him with the most to be able to charge $100 

Favio's advice to any barber who wants to build and grow their business:

"Commit to yourself and do something for yourself! Pick your nuts up and do something that will put you in a position beyond barbering"

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