Homeless college drop out took my program

Written by Daniel Contreras on May 30th, 2022

A year can make a difference.

Think about it,

In a year time frame, you can grow your monthly income by $10k/m

Most people,

Most civilians in the world,

Are satisfied if they maybe get a small raise from their boss.

But us as barbers have full control,

Yet, most decide not to do a damn thing about it.

Joey decided to not be like every barber that’s reading this email,

Instead, he did something about it.

A year ago Joey (@milewblenz) was a homeless college dropout who was couch surfing.

Now, he’s made more in one week than he did in a month at the start of the year,

Through 6 days of May he already had 7 new high paying clients

And even better, he stopped smoking weed!

Here’s the thing.

Joey is on how way to charging $65 for a simple haircut,

And well on his path to doing $15k a month just from cutting hair.

And this is from a kid who was homeless a year prior.

What changed?

Well, he actually got help to grow his business.

You see most barbers are very closed minded.

I’m sure you know a few.

They talk a big game,

They are slick talkers,

They tell everyone how the game goes,

But at the end of the day every one of these guys is making under $15k/m.

Not the right people to listen to or become.

Ready for a change?

If you are, don’t hesitate when opportunity knocks.

We’ve been able to get uncommon results for barbers all over the US and Canada.

If you saw someone turn down being able to make $15k/m and all they had to do was book a Zoom call, wouldn’t you think they are mentally fucked?

Don’t be that person if you want to grow, you must change your actions as everything you have done to this point has led you to the business you have right now

Then click the button below to book a call with my team to see if we can help your business scale!
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