He stopped spending $1k/m on this...

Written by Daniel Contreras on March 11th, 2022

Down for a challenge?

Take a look at your bank account, and go through every single withdrawal that was made in the last 30 days.

From every withdrawal, vet out every single purchase that was made based on if it got you closer to your goal of making $15k/m or farther away.

Make this real black and white.

Either the purchase was an investment towards something, or it was taking you farther from your goal. 

The harsh reality is if you asked most people this, they would be gutted by their poor decision-making, and honestly, I don’t feel bad for them. 

Every man and woman reaps what they sew.

Most are just mindlessly cutting day in and day out with no direction or path, and live their entire life not knowing what they could have accomplished.

That was Joey (@milewblendz) a few months ago. 

Was Joey running a bad barber business?


But he also wasn’t running a good one. 

He had no way of getting new clients, he was working long hours just to keep his income up, only to spend it on useless shit.

Recently, Joey turned himself and his entire business around….

So what did Joey do?

He didn’t take advice from barbers around him. 

He knew if he did that, he would only get the same results as those barbers which was not aligned with his lofty goals.

He didn't just try to copy or mimic other barbers who I work with. 

Joey knew that he did not understand at al what the first step was, or even how to get to $100 a cut on his own. 

He didn’t do the trial and error route.

He knew that would be long and unnecessary, and overall pointless when someone else has the exact roadmap.

Joey actually booked a call and joined the EM program.

You see, Joey had been watching from the sidelines for months.

He read all the emails.

Listened to the podcasts.

Watched the YouTube content and IG content.

But never got the results until he actually took a look at the decisions he was making for his business and realized he needed to change in order to create change in his life.

Sound familiar?

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