He failed my program :/...

Written by Daniel Contreras on May 30th, 2022

Bryan failed my program. (@bryanfadezz)

He didn’t get a price raise.

He wasn’t getting new clients.

And he wasn’t increasing his income like he thought.

Here’s the thing, Bryan never once blamed thought the program was a bad investment.

You see, Bryan had an ego problem.

Hell, most barbers do.

Bryan was so focused on getting to end result of making $20k/m,

That he completely forgot about the process of building the biz to get there.

Every day, he would be frustrated by the fact that his business wasn’t growing,

And that he saw others that started the program the same time as him getting price raises and growing their business

Guess what Bryan did,

He put his ego aside and got back to work.

He stopped focusing on the result, and started focusing on the inputs that will generate the result as the byproduct.

The result of that?

Well, Bryan got his price raise of $75

A lot of barbers ask “what if the program doesn’t work”

My response,

“Then you stop trying to do things your way, which has never worked, and implement everything we have to the T”


If a barber is more worried about something that is dependent on their ability to execute, then they might want to rethink about being business owners.

I have no sympathy for these people,

As they will never take their heads out of their ass and see the mistakes their making on a daily basis.

I know what we do in Elevated Mentorship works,

It’s just a matter if the barber we allow to work with us will put in the work necessary to see growth.

Still on the fence?

I implore you to check the scoreboard of results on our website.

You might find a barber or two that you look up that has worked with us.

Ready to stop being one foot in and one foot out?

If you are ready to stop playing the “what if” game, and are ready to take action like Bryan did after he got out of his ego,

Then click the button below to book a call with my team to see if we can help your business scale!
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