Get 17 new high paying clients a month

Written by Daniel Contreras on May 30th, 2022

Ever wonder how barbers get a shit ton of new clients month after month?

Here’s the secret.

It’s not from posting on IG every day.

Yet, every barber thinks this is the missing link to their business.

Because if that actually did work, you would already have hundreds of new clients lining up at the shop waiting for you daily willing to pay you $200 a cut.

This is what Paco (@barberpvco) used to think as well.

Paco used to post once, twice, maybe even three times every day because, in his mind, he thought that’s how you get new higher-paying clients.

The result, well he was stuck charging $40 with little to no new clients booking with him,

Leaving him to blame that his tiny location in Los Banos was the reason why his business wasn’t successful.

Fast forward 2 years of him working with me in the EM program, and he posted the above in our community.

So what changed?

Well for one, he stopped wasting all of his business profits on a useless habit of smoking weed that would cloud his vision, and make him a sloppy business owner.

The second thing was that he learned what actually gets a higher-paying client to convert at any price point.

Today, Paco charges $75 and is about to go up to $100 very soon.

Was this because he posted every single day for the last 2 years?

No, we could probably look at another barber who has been posting more on IG and TikTok, and see that they had little to no growth compared to Paco.

It was because Paco took everything we have inside of the EM program, attended the weekly Q&A calls so I could literally help him build his business with him, and executed it to the T.

The result:

Well, you just read it.

17 new clients a month on autopilot for him.

If he wants more, he has the data to show what needs to be done to get that number up to 30.

Paco has complete control of his business, something that very few barbers if any, have.

Sound familiar?

It should.

Because unless you have every tracking sheet

Been on every Q&A call and allowed us to help you build your barbering business with you,

I can confidently say that you don’t control your business, your business controls you.

It controls your happiness, and your state of mind, and if a business controls those two things, chances are that you aren’t happy or fulfilled doing what you do right now.

Ready to change that?

If you are and are ready to take action instead of reading another success story from a barber who is growing while your business stays the same,

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