Brian went from $25 to $75 in 3 months in Memphis

Written by Daniel Contreras on March 13th, 2022

Every barber’s nightmare can be summed up to this:

Being 60 years old, no retirement, still having to cut hair.

Everyone wants to avoid this, but how?

First, a barber must have some sort of plan for growth. 

This is not a plan for growth:

-Post on social media
-Get new clients
-Get booked
-Go up in pricing

This is what I like to think of an idea, not a strategy

Sure, you can post on social media, but what do you post?

What works?

What is the purpose of even making the post?

How do you improve it?

What if it stops working?

Then comes new clients. 

How do you get them at $50? What about at the $150 price point?

What if things slow down?

What if too many clients leave the business?

See, the above gives an idea, but a plan on how to combat all of the inevitable is what every barber is missing.

After you have a plan, then you need to have perfect execution on that plan in the face of adversity. 

Meaning, nothing will ever go exactly to that plan. 

You need to be able to dynamically iterate and improve the business on the fly in order to beat out decaying results of growth. 

Brian (@wheathead_) had this same problem only a few months ago.

We met when he was making about $6k a month cutting hair, charging $25 at 20 years old.

His only plan for growth?

Post on social media, get booked out, charge more. 

He knew this wasn’t a long-term solution, as nothing in there was a business strategy that would allow him to improve the actual business in order to get to the $15k months.

We had hopped on a call and decided to work together late last year.

3 months after starting, he was able to have his base price for clients start at $75 a cut.

What changed?

Well, he stopped running his business like literally every barber in the industry.

He stopped focusing on client retention, cutting more volume each day, and not having a business strategy to execute to get to his goals fast.

You see, most barbers are run by blind faith.

They have very irrational plans in order to grow the business but have no past business experience to pull from to validate if what they are thinking is right or wrong, up or down, left or right.

Quite simply, most just “put in more hours” in hopes of growing. 

You can’t go to the gym and expect to gain muscle. 

You need a well-thought-out plan, as well as advice from those who have done the thing you are trying to do.

Without that, you could be making a simple 3 step process turn into a complex 196 step process for no reason.

Sound a little like you?

If it does, and you are looking to get similar results as Brian has,

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