Why Most Barbers Fail At Raising Prices

Written by Daniel Contreras on August 5th, 2020

About this video: 

The barber industry hasn't seen progress like other industries on the beauty space. Conventional thinking of cutting more heads will equal more money has been the norm and passed down from OG to the young aspiring barber for years on end, and it needs to stop if we want to actually grow.

A shift is on the horizon. What needs to happen is this:

1. Generate your own flow and client demand

Relying on walk-ins or the barbershop's flow of clients will leave a barber stuck and in the hamster wheel of barbering. The only option is to work longer and cut more heads because you can't charge shop clients more. They will just end up leaving to the next guy. This should not be your focus on clients. Solely put your focus on gaining the client flow of those who want YOUR services, not the shops. This will separate you from an employee and a business owner.

2. When it's time to raise prices, don't look to see if your clients can afford them

100% of the time, your clients will not be able to afford you new prices. Good. Now you can focus on generating new clients that will pay you the new price. Most barbers get stuck and scared because they know none of their clients will follow them up to their new price. What is really going on is the barber knows that he/she doesn't have a strong flow of new clients coming in and no proven system to get new higher-paying clients.

3. Social media is not your savior

Too many barbers will say "all I need to do is post" and think that is the end all be all. In fact, social media could make your business more painful and worse if you don't have the backend systems in place to scale. If social media was the answer, we would see every barber over 10,000 followers be able to charge $100. Yet, we see too many times barbers who have 100,000+ followers even 200,000+ followers, and still charging under $80. Something doesn't add up, and we must understand that clout will not equal business.

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