Chaos VS Discipline In The Barber Industry

Written by Daniel Contreras on December 15th, 2020

About this video:

Why I shaved off my beard
* Flipping binary poles
* Chaos vs Discipline
* What this allows your growth curve to experience
* Students who experience this and how you can flip your binary poles


* What is a Binary Pole:       
* A hard jammed or deeply rooted belief about oneself or about what you believe you are.         
* Example of this is “I’m not a morning person” or “I can’t work out in the morning”        
* Both of these are choices we choose to shape our everyday lives, and just as simple as we can choose that narrative, we can also choose the opposite of  “I am a morning person” or “I can only workout first thing in the morning”        
* Every “characteristic” we choose shapes the identity of who we believe we are and what we are capable of.        
* These binary poles aka “choices” can be extremely useful and aid us in progressing and growth in business, such as “I am creative and that allows me to be artistic with my haircuts” or even “    
* Chaos: Creative, new ideas, brainstorming, messy, unfocused mind- Allows us to take a different point of view at attaining a goal for ourselves    
* Discipline: Once we have found the best way to enhance growth out of chaos, we must crate discipline around that 1 thing in order to sustainably grow and max out its potential    
* This cycle repeats over and over, but few recognize or even understand that this must be done    
* Allow yourself to create new growth and never “max out” on what you do    
* The ultimate “growth hack”    
* We see this in all areas of life        
* Amazon overtaking Walmart due to Walmart not able to flip and get out of it’s maximum peak        
* Weight lifting- you can only do the same weight of an exercise and same amount of reps until you must switch it up S-Curve results at price range
* $10-$25: base skill level 
* $30-$55: cutting the fat on clientele, getting closer to specialization, turning on the faucet of client generation machine* $60-$90: Mastering client generation machine, nailing it client specialization down to 2-3 client types, problems you solve start to become clear
* $100-$200: Creates preferred clients at will, serves 1 client type, nails down to 2-3 main problems those clients face

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