Why Offering Less Services Produces More Income As A Barber

Written by Daniel Contreras on December 13th, 2020

About this video:

I understand that this is not how majority of the industry thinks.

You look at any barber on social media and they will preach "add more services" or "customer experience".

I would say neither of those give you any edge when you are charging under $100.

The opposite is rather true.

Lean and scrappy is how you want to think of your service delivery.

Reason being is that honestly, you have zero clue of who your ideal client is at anything under $100.

The problem solution base is just too broad to even dive into and you will just be creating more work for yourself by adding un-needed services on.

have made that mistake multiple times, and ,multiple times I found myself taking away any services I did add, simply because they did not make the boat go faster.

Why the idea of more services will equal more pay is backward

If that wasn't enough, the whole basis of the "why" adding services isn't even logical.

Any barber or service provider doing this is explicitly saying "my money I paid for my education to get a license doesn't warrant me for charging anything more than $30".

Complete madness.

Why the goal should not just be cover up your shitty core service with a bunch of hype services.

The goal is to offer the least amount of service for the most $$. Barbers cover up the inefficient and lack of worth with services instead of working on the core issue

We are in a service-based business, not an “I offer more services, therefore, I have a business” industry

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