Why Barbers Are F*cked After Raising Prices During COVID

Written by Daniel Contreras on December 13th, 2020

About this video:

Most barbers have raised prices "due to a pandemic", yet still don't understand what converts a client at a $20 increase of what they are charging, leading them back into the hamster wheel cycle of the industry.

In theory, they took a short term win.

in the long term, most barbers still have yet to master their business outside of taking advantage of a world pandemic.

So, the main question is how do we fix this then.

1. Master your operational flow to allow for scale regardless of location

Most barbers prior to COVID complained about their area and not being able to charge a certain amount due to whatever excuse they could make.

I think if we have learned anything in 2020, it's that this is a completely false statement.

Many barbers finally realized that they can charge more, an that there is a market for that.

However, the means of getting to the next price raise should not be dependent on the entire world shutting down again.

What most barbers will default to is what they have always done and know, which brings us to point number two.

2. Don't throw the kitchen sink at your clients. Keep the main thing the main thing.

What I mean by this is more does not equal more.

Your client won't think "oh yeah, more services, that backs up what I'm paying for".

All that is in the clients mind, is the overall price point, and if the main thing that they are paying for is worth it.

If you add more things on top of your haircut, you are basically screaming to the world that your skillset that you paid $18k+ for schooling for isn't worth the $40+ price point (which makes zero sense).

Keep the main thing the main thing, subtract, don't add services, and look to improve your business model more than adding on gimmicks thinking that's what clients want (because I can guarantee to you the higher paying and quality clients don't give a damn if you offer more services or not, they just want to job done right)

3. Understand what converts a client. Not more services, not a blurry fade, but the conversion from stranger to a client.

For some reason, this is very difficult for the industry to wrap their heads around.

Yes, business is based on the value of your service, but value isn't dependent on how blurry you think the fade is, how many services you add on, but what the client deems as valuable to them.

You can not and will not convince a client that you add value, they will clearly show you if you do or not by how much they are willing to pay you until they leave and go to a different barber.

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