How Berg (@berg.xstylez) went from the chaos of charging $40/cut in a commission shop to now $140/cut

Written by Daniel Contreras on March 3rd, 2021


How Berg (@berg.xstylez) went from the chaos of charging $40/cut in a commission shop to now $100/cut

Here's what we cover:

1. Berg's journey so far and what his business was like before joining the Elevated Mentorship program
2. How working at a commission shop was too comfortable, and actually slowed down his overall growth
3. How Berg incorporates his creative side into his business, life, and living standards
4. The pitfalls of being too creative and how Elevated Mentorship helped him bring the business side to what he does.
5. What had the most impact on Berg and the way he operates his business after going through the Elevated Mentorship program
6. Berg's plan for 2021 and how he is going to grow to $300-$400 a cut by December

Berg's advice to any barber who wants to build and grow their business:

"Just do it bro! Don't be afraid to invest in yourself. For what I had to put into it to join, that sh*t has made me more back!"

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