Barber works 16 days, makes $12k

Written by Daniel Contreras on November 11th, 2021

Most barbers never understand this one thing about business.

Systems and structure.

They think having systems is just being on a booking app, or having a fancy website, or that structure is just posting daily and raising prices every 6-12 months.

Think of these as more of the common sense things to have in 2021 as a barber.

But with these, are you able to identify when your business goes below baseline in a KPI?

Do you even know what KOIS your business needs in order to scale by $20-$50 with peace of mind that you’ll still have a business?

You see, systems should allow you to scale to $20k+ a month with ease.

The structure should allow you a clear road map of the issues in the way of that scale.

What most barbers do is think they know how to get to that level, but what is hiding around the corner is that little voice that is quietly panicking from not knowing if this will work out or not.

This is what Keoki (@krushtheworld) went through prior to joining the EM program.

We had a call last year in 2020, and he left that call thinking he knew exactly what to do in order to get to $200, so he didn’t join the program.

Fast forward a year later, he was still in the same position as when we last talked, however this time he did something most barbers don't.

He dropped his pride and ego that was telling him he didn’t need some program or help from some bald dude with a beard, and he joined the program.

When he joined, I went through his business and told him what needed to be fixed structurally and what systems to implement asap.

Here was the result so far:

16 days of work, $12k and we have yet to even start implementing his marketing plan yet.

His main problem?

He, as the business owner, was holding himself back from getting the help he was in need of in order to get his business to grow and run his barber business on old traditional systems and structures that don’t scale.

The moment he realized he couldn’t do this on his own, was the moment he took the first step into being the business owner that can produce $20k/month.

And I keep seeing the same trend from other barbers in the EM program, and it all boils down to these two aspects.

First, they know they need help in getting to the goal they want. They aren’t too prideful to ask and are coachable and committed to the goals they set.

Secondly, they know that with the right systems and structure they can easily charge $150+ and make $15k+ only by cutting hair.

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