Barber went from charging $50 to $100 in 5 months

Written by Daniel Contreras on November 12th, 2021

All barbers experience one of these at some point:

Either they have a ton of free time but don’t make a ton of money


They make money but have no free time.

Every barber at some point runs into the second problem.

This occurs when a barber is cluttered, unorganized, and overall has no path or direction for scaling their business.

Sure, you make good money.

But at the cost of long brutal days to where eventually cutting hair doesn’t become fun anymore.

This was Favio’s (@cuttyfresh) situation.

Favio had been able to get his clientele up to the $50 price point on his own.

The problem: he knew his clients wouldn’t pay any more than $50 for a cut, and had no idea on how to get higher-paying clients if he was to raise his price.

Even at $50, Favio had zero time for anything outside of cutting hair, let alone waste time trying to figure out how to turn his cluttered job as a barber into a well run business.

Basically, he was stuck without a plan and burning himself out month after month just to pay the bills.

Until he took the leap of faith and joined the Elevated Mentorship program.

Shortly after joining, we were able to implement systems to acquire new clients at higher price points, gave him an exact structure to follow in order to understand when he couldn raise his price, and let him loose.

The result?

He was able to go from charging $50 to $100 in just 5 months, freeing up his time and allowing him to increase his overall monthly income.

What was the one thing that helped Favio scale his business faster than he’s ever had in his career?

A proven road map to follow step by step that was built out and customized just for his business.

He had followed the same barber business methods for years, with not the best results.

All this created was a booked-out clientele who were cheap and would complain over any small price increase.

This alone gave him the false sense that he had reached his "limit" of what he could do barbering.

Sure, he made good money, but there was no structure or plan, just a lot of hard work and hustle mentality.

The major shift he had was that he didn’t run his business like a business.

Now, Favio is running his barbering business like the CEO.

Organized, dialed in, and able to go up to any price point he wants to.

And he’s not the only one.

I’ve had countless customers all around the world get incredible results for their barbering business, and it all boils down to two things.

They know they can get the results of $20k+ months, but not with how they are running their business.

1. Our clients know they must work to build and implement everything inside of the program to get the top results

2. Our customers know they need help, and aren’t afraid to drop their pride and ego to have me help them work on their business in order to get the result they want

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