Barber makes $3,800 a week?

Written by Daniel Contreras on March 11th, 2022

January typically sucks, but not because of a slow month. 

In fact, our clients had some of their best Januarys this year.

This is Paco (@barberpvco)

This January in 2022, he would do upwards of $2,800-$3,800 weeks.

He also had a great steady flow of new clients still incoming into his business

How did he do this?


We’ve been working with Pacom in the EM program for a little over a year, helping him build systems in his business to acquire new high-paying clients year-round. 

While other barbers had a down month, he was having a great month.

Paco is at the $75 price point, but he’s honing in on his business being within KPI of going up to $100. 

How do we know this?

We have a system that allows us to track the exact health of his business to determine when and by how much he can go up.

While others just guess or take a random shot in the dark, we use data- analysis to scale

Very different from what any other barber is doing, which is why our customers are able to get very different and extraordinary results. 

Want to know what data we track?

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