Barber makes $3.2k on 4 days of work

Written by Daniel Contreras on October 13th, 2022

How many cuts would you have to do to make 3.2k this week?

Let’s say you cut 5 days a week,

Charge 35 a cut,

The average ticket price is 43 per client,

It would take you 74.4 haircuts during the week,

Or, about 15 cuts a day.

What if you only needed to cut 27 clients to get that same income?

Well, that’s what Tuff did… (see above)

4 Days of work

27 clients cut

$3,207 made.

Now, it’s far from what Tuff can accomplish but this is an alright week for him.

And he is only able to do that because he was able to scale his business to charge 100 a cut and consistently get new clients at that price point to fill the business up

Problem is, you can’t just charge 100 tomorrow and expect to make 3k this week

You need to build the business to that point and be able to consistently bring new clients in

If you can’t, then you can’t grow

The good thing is, we’ve helped countless barbers scale up to this point in months,

In fact, we took tuff from doing 35 a cut making 6k/m to now doing 3k weeks at $00 in only 10 months

So if you’re ready to get help and finally see growth in your business like Tuff,

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