Barber makes $10k a month from these two services

Written by Daniel Contreras on November 11th, 2021

This is Paris (@_theiconicparis), and he just broke the $10k a month mark recently with only 2 services as a barber in the EM program.

What are those two magic services?

1. Haircut
2. Haircut + beard

That's it.

Nothing special about it, no massage or black mask included, what you read is what you get.

Here's how we helped him to this milestone:

First, we need to actually get the right clients into our business.

Most barbers focus too much on getting booked out with the wrong clients that won't help them achieve scale long term.

What are "wrong clients"

- Cheap
- Bad behavior (late, makes day worse)
- Takes advantage of business owner
- Always asking for discounts
-Makes you irritated when you see the notification that they booked another cut with you

Sure, barbers can get booked out.

But if even 40% of your client base is made up of the "wrong clients", scaling will just break the business (all client flow stops once price point goes up, driving your current client base away to cheaper barbers)

Instead, we want to generate the right clients that are our "dream clients" that not only respect the business, but also the price point.

Next, we want to implement our tracking.

Sure, a lot of barbers can get a few clients from social media.

But what tends to happen is that number fluctuates month to month, leaving a very uncertain business model for scale.

And things break when scale occurs.

Problems will pop up.

And if a barber doesn't have a baseline as well as the variable that has not changed, the problem will not only be undetected, but unsolved, leaving the barber to blame their location or their city saying that the clients have a limit on what they would pay.

In reality, the "limit" is just a problem that needs to be solved.

What we were able to do for Paris is not only get the right clients into his business but also track and make his business a hyper-efficient machine that can take on any scale, whenever he wants.

This leaves Paris in full control, instead of being anxious and nervous about raising prices and scaling his business.

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