Stop Being Dependent On The Barbershop To Provide You With Clients

Written by Daniel Contreras on December 13th, 2020

About this video:

Here's what most barber will do.

Try to find and get into the busiest walk-in shop in their area.

Grind it out 5-6 sometimes 7 days a week, taking the walk-ins the shop throws their way and cuts non stop.

Wake up the next week and do it all over again.

Super passive, and putting all the faith of your business and future in the hands of the shop to provide the barber with clients.

Unfortunately, while most barbers while say that this makes them a "business owner", this breakdown clearly shows that they are no more than an employee at the shop they work at.

And this is pretty standard throughout the industry.

For some, this lifestyle works.

And honestly, that's fantastic if it does!

Low effort level, and just show up daily to do your job and collect your income./

However, if you are looking to control your business and grow beyond what the shop charges, this will not lead you down that path.

Barbers will also think "Well, I could just build my client's from the walk ins and then I'll be ok".

Unfortunately this handcuffs you to the clients that are only willing to pay shop price, and anything more that that a greater portion of them will fall off.

What a barber should be focused on, is not how to get into the busiest shop, but how to build their own clientele without being dependent on the shop for those clients.

This takes more work on the front end, more business strategy at first, but in the long run you are able to control who is your client and how you generate them, without having to wait in the shop hoping for that next walk in to come in.

So what needs to happen?

Think and act like the CEO of their business, not the employee that clocks in every day

This means figuring out what they want to charge, how do they want to grow, and how will they get there.

Most barbers don’t even want to charge any more than they are as a result of the employee mindset

For the CEO’s, you must get a profitable business out of your biological limits

Most barbers want to grow and raise pricesBut can’t or aren’t in the position to.

And what’s the point of running a business if you aren’t going to be profitable and growing because then you are just back in the hamster wheel again

For me, I went from charging $16-$40 in 4 years, and in 1 year I went from charging $40 to $150.  

I also changed the way I operated my business.

Even when I first started raising prices I would add on extra services, eventually, I just stopped and actually started to take away services.

Scaling faster while services less.

Less to think about, less to waste time on, keeping the main thing the main thing.

Knowing what to execute on.

For me, even in a shop that was higher preforming, no one knew what the hell to do to get up to the level I wanted to.

While most barbers are literally doing and trying everything, I only honed in on a few key variables and rode those things out.

Minimize upkeep on client flow.  

Win at all costs for growth.

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