Trouble Charging More? Here's Why (Self Identity)

Written by Daniel Contreras on November 1st, 2020

About this video:

Who and what we identify with has a powerful effect on the decision we make.

As barbers, if we identify as someone who works in an industry that is "behind" or "can't charge" whatever amount, you will never be able to break out of that idea and self-limiting belief you imposed on self.

Changing your world view and self-image is a tedious but high ROI activity as it changes who you see yourself as in the world don a day to day basis.

First, you must have awareness of your current world view and self-image which can be discovered by just asking probing questions to self of "why do I believe this".

Next, diagnose what the outcomes of those beliefs have had on your life and thee decisions you have made to get you where you're at right now.

Then, determine if this is optimized for what your overall goal is.

If it is, double down on it. If not, then there must be a change in action that happens.

We start at hacking our beliefs before anything else, which will then have a domino effect on the rest of our lives if this is relentlessly attacked.

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