8 Inconvenient Truths All Barbers Must Face

Written by Daniel Contreras on September 13th, 2020

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1. Be realistic

For some reason, everyone wants to front on what they make. If you charge $30 bucks for a haircut, you charge $30.

Not $100 that you get from 1 or 2 clients. As hard as that is to swallow, being realistic and ruthlessly honest with how your business is doing will allow you to see at least what changes need to be made. Don’t try to ease the pain, make it a reality, and do something about it. Most barbers will say this to make it seem as though their situation really isn’t as bad as it really is.

2. Measure and track what your business actually allows you to keep at the end of the month.

Your revenue number is not a true value on your income. Measure by profit per cutMost barbers hide behind the fact of what their business is actually doing, which then gives a false sense of security and allows them to feel "comfortable". To actually get growth, you must have a realistic view of where you are at currently. Never measure your income, instead of your profit per cut.

3. Location doesn’t matter, environment doesn’t matter, skill set doesn’t matter, social media doesn't matter, business structure does.

Location: Go from being the hunter to the hunted. Don't, rely on a traditional business model that puts a ceiling on what you can charge. Just because a city has mom and pop style business doesn’t mean that you can transcend that location

Environment: Southbay Chris charges $100+ in his parent's garage. That's all you must know.

Skillset: I can’t cut hair that well. There are people that cut hair better than me, people will even say that in the comment section of my videos as if that will ever hurt my business. Yet I have built myself up to charge 5x what they charge. How? Structure.

4. It’s less about supply and demand and more about business health

Supply and demand is slow linear growth. Business health allows you to take a true screenshot of how much you can bend your business without breaking. When we know how much we can bend our business from our numbers, that's when we can start this entire process.

5. What got you here won’t get you to the next goal.

Releasing constraints when raising prices, most barbers have constraints across their entire business. 0-60 is the basic market, 60-100 is the market taking shape, and 100+ is when you have ideal client emerging for scale.

6. Competitive pricing is for losers.

These barbers have no idea what to charge and are dependent on someone telling them how much they are worth instead of actually having a roadmap of how and what to execute on. They see, copy, and dig themselves into a hole without understanding why they are doing what they are doing.

7. You don't need a brand. No one needs to know how you can fade. You need to actually build a great business first.

Keep the main thing the main thing and do something great. Don’t outsmart yourself. No one needs a mobile barber service. Business is about having a core product that solves an issue, being able to correctly communicate that product to an audience that wants that product, and then a proper transaction.  Simplicity is key. Hone in on the few variables you must work on in order to scale, not adding more to your plate but less. Fewer side projects, less opportunist money ideas, fewer distractions. More focus, more testing, more analyzing

8. You won’t do any of this being who you are right now. You must become a new person

Not surviving off of motivation but sheer discipline action on a few things, not getting motivated by tons of work. Requires testing, analyzing what really works, and being relentless with what doesn't. Doing more of what works and less of what doesn't make the boat go faster.

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