What Needs To Change In The Barber Industry

Written by Daniel Contreras on August 6th, 2020

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It happens to all of us. We cut hair for a while, build out our books to be full, then repeat day after day after day.

Sounds like the dream you always wanted huh?

Like most, you probably got into the barber industry to be your own boss, to not have to be an employee in Corporate America.

But why does barbering lose its flavor and dare I say it, become boring as shit. For me, there was a time that I used to dread hearing my alarm go off in the morning knowing I had a booked out schedule of clients to cut facing me.

My body hurt.

Mentally I was drained.

But this is what I wanted, right?

If you are like me, this "dream" turned into a nightmare real quick, and I don't think this is being talked about enough in our industry. Why is it the "norm" to never go on vacation?

Like seriously, ask yourself. When was the last time when you were a barber with a booked out schedule that you took longer than a 5 day vacation?

Let me guess, your answer was "never" huh?

I don't believe this type fo environment and structure of our industry allows us to grow, but more or less be like a factory worker in an assembly line of a giant warehouse.

Yeah, doesn't sound fun. And it isn't.

So what needs to change?

1. Take out low-value uses of our time and substitute with high value uses.

The low value uses of time

1. Things others want you to do
2. Things that have always been done this way
3. Things you aren’t good at
4. Things you don't enjoy
5. Things that others aren't interested in
6. Things that take twice as long

The high value uses of time

1. Things that advance our overall purpose
2. Things you have always wanted to do
3. Innovative ways that cut out time and energy to get a better result
4. Things that others tell you can't be done
5. Things that use your own creativity
6. Things for which is now or never

2. Creating a plan of attack

Basic human survival has always centered around progression. If it wasn't well none of us would be on a computer reading this blog post or watching the YouTube video breakdown.

Without anything or any goal to progress towards, we become a lifeless blob of decaying matter that takes up space (and both you and I don't want that at all)

Creating a plan of attack is simple.

First, figure out your ultimate goal.

If that seems too hard then simply understand what the overall quality of your life you want to live and start building your vision around that.

Now, once that is solidified, you can begin to figure out how to attack this and start to make this a reality.
You can take examples from Michael Jordan. His main priority was to win at the highest level. What was the highest level? Winning a championship. What did he have to do to achieve that? Win games. What did he have to do to win games? That's the answers you will look for to start to create progression.

After plan of attack or your idea is cemented, the final step before you can execute and go to work is understanding your constraints.

3. Freeing up your constraints

A constraint is anything that bottlenecks our progression towards our overall goal.

In any business, there are a few core constraints that all business owners must attack. Client inflow, client conversion, service delivery, and client retention.

These can also be substituted in your career as well and bring forth more clarity of what needs to be attacked.

Once you have identified your constraints or at least the points at which you believe are your constraints, you must decide if working on those actually brings and ROI of your desired outcome.

This can simply be done by asking questions, "If this current constraint was at full flow, would take me closer to my goal or in a different direction?"

You must be ruthlessly honest when answering these questions, as not accurately diagnosing this issue will not only take you further from your goal but also waste valuable time and resources as well as energy.

If after your analysis you can determine that the constraint is necessary, then start to work on that thing to get it to full flow.

If it is not, you must cut it out. Be relentless when cutting out things from your business that do not take you closer to the end goal. Too many barbers waste time and energy with this and are something you must take seriously if you want to progress.

What all of this leads to when it comes together, is a life that is lived a day in and day out with purpose and direction, an understanding of where you want to go and what you must to achieve that goal, as well as what the constraints are that will eventually hold you back from total market dominance.

Implement everything above, and you will have a breath of fresh air back into your business and career.

Ignore, and you will unfortunately always get what you have always got.

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