Why Barbers Feel Like Leaving The Industry (And Why They Shouldn't)

Written by Daniel Contreras on July 30th, 2020

About this video: 

The barber industry has a plethora of possibilities for anyone to come in, and in just a few short months build profitable cash flowing business well over six figures a year.

However, when this doesn't come as fast as most young barbers want ti to come, or they have stayed in the game and haven't seen the success they had hoped for, it leaves many to want to look towards other profitable opportunities.

But there is an even deeper reason why you should stay clear fo these taglines and anyone saying this trying to persuade you out of the industry.

Here's why:

1. If you are getting excited by those headlines, then that should be a red flag that your business is on life support

Most barbers don't realize they can make well over $10,000 just by cutting hair.

Yet, when I speak to most barbers, very few are really making over $5,000 at best per month, and their profits off of that number are even worse.

We all get shiny object syndrome.

The cure is to really ask yourself why this looks appealing.

Most of the time, you will come to realize it's not because the other thing looks really good, it's more so because whatever you're doing right now is doing really bad compared to that other object.

The key here is to not jump ship and start over again, but really assess the life of your business.

Where can your business grow?

Why is it stuck here?

Is anyone making the amount of money you want to make (more than likely if they are, they are in our program)

2. If you are already getting sucked into those tag lines, you know that your focus on your main thing (which is barbering) is not up to par

To get exponential results, we can't be looking everywhere and giving our energy to everything.

Instead, we must learn to say no more often, buckle down, and really get to work on the hard shit that you have been avoiding.

What you'll find is the goal at which the shiny object you were looking at is easily attainable through barbering if you just stayed focused, got serious, and stopped listening to the "OG's" of the industry who charge no more than $50.

Keep the main thing the main thing, adding more does not equal more.

Less is always more in this case with what you focus on.

The less you focus on, the more you will get out to it.

Sacrifice and reap the rewards of putting your energy into one thing.

3. Don't even think about starting a YouTube channel

Every time I had a barber ask me if they should start a channel, my hairline goes further and further backwards.
Please hear me out on this.

Now the reason behind this is simple.

YouTube, a product line, starting a course, or anything else is a product of you.

If you can't even get your barbering business to be up to that level of execution, then how do you expect to get something that is 100,000 times harder to focus on to really grow.

Start by perfecting your craft, you got time.

Use it to focus in one direction and get the most of what you do now.

In there, you will learn incredible lessons of business that will serve you when it is the right time to start all of those things.

Till the, if it's taking you away from, the main thing, cut it out and say no.

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