Planning And Long Term Thinking

Written by Daniel Contreras on January 25th, 2021

About this video: 

Each year a new goal would be set when I was cutting hair and I’d think “this is it, this is exactly what I want and it’s gunna happen!”

By the end of the year, I was more like the poor engineers in the image below scratching my head trying to figure out "where did I fuck up at".

The problem: I had relied more on hopeful lofty “goals” rather than the facts.

I just wasn’t going to achieve anything by trying to be inspired or motivated for 365 days.

What's worse, is the "plans" I had thought were rock solid, acted more like quicksand the further I got into the year by dragging me deeper and deeper into the hole I was trying to get out of.

This year, I did things differently.

I started 2021 by removing all pleasures from my life as if I was spring cleaning a hoarders house.

So far I’ve experienced: 

Less fun
Less free time to fill with bs 
Less options
Less flavor in food 
Less relaxation
Less waste 

Results so far:

More problems in business found
More quality solutions created for the problems that were found
More quality hours spent actually getting work done 
More systems built for student success
More areas of improvement discovered with hyper awareness 

A well thought out plan of facts that I can’t avoid to hit target goal.

My original plan was to just stay in this “Dark Mode” for the first 90 days, but I’m toying with the idea of 365 days if this is the early returns.

So why am I posting this?

As a barber, I never had a plan of attack such as this early on, which is too bad, because this is like an unfair advantage. 

What I used to do when setting my sights on the new year was 

A. Figure out how to make more and enjoy more life
B. Hope and pray that I would figure out a way to do that other than cutting all damn day. 
C. “Grind it out” until I got there (basically overwork myself for the first month or so then go back to bad habits, never knowing how to actually build a business but watch "inspirational" interviews and read self help books thinking this is how Elon and Jobs built their business, and basically, walking the tightrope while blindfolded)

More of a hope and pray method that this year might be the year I’d figure it out.

I created a 21 min 50 second YouTube video going over what my idea was behind this currently, as well as how to apply similar principles towards anyone who cuts hair for a living to kick start any goal for the new year to gain an unfair advantage and be less of a cog in the machine, and more of a top predator.

The goal for you: to generate that desired amount of income from cutting hair without killing yourself.

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