What To Not Invest In As A Barber

Written by Daniel Contreras on January 8th, 2021

About this video:

“I’m just tryna get the vibe right first”

The idea that an “upscale vibe” will result in gaining clients is beyond truth and needs to be looked at from a different angle.

This is what majority of the industry thinks when starting up a location.

“If you build it, they will come.”

Unfortunately, you can’t take a James Earl Jones quote, slap it on your front door and expect that to fix all your business issues like magic.

This idea that having the “vibe” or interior is right will bring in higher paying clients is askew.

Now, am I saying to work in a shitty environment forever?


What I am saying, is the following has little to zero ROI on building your business.

-upgrading location (new floors, new walls, added foo foo shit)
-expensive chairs-expensive (and unnecessary) plants
-a gypsy to bring your shop good luck
-basically anything that isn’t business ROI related (releasing constraints, business structure, a dialed in marketing approach)

Does this mean you can never do this?


I would even welcome it if you have your business set up properly.

But until you have your business operations at full flow, don’t even touch that shiny object.

I really don’t know where this idea originated from.

Maybe that if you have a really nice and upscale looking place that people will all of a sudden pay you (which is crazy) but it should at least be questioned if that’s even the right direction to be looking to improve your business.

What I’ve found when working with barbers is it’s always essential to first, have a profitable business.

This means client flow, marketing, product development, and systems to scale built.

Then, with the added income, improve location.

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