Bad Worldview Of Money

Written by Daniel Contreras on January 4th, 2021

About this video: 

This is how the industry views money

Charging more/ making money = bad, evil, greedy, pig, ridiculous

Charging less/keeping price low = good person, doing the right thing, one of us, buddy

Not exactly the perfect idea or approach when running a business, and as barbers/service providers, that’s what we are.

I think a lot of people on the industry are torn over this idea.

At one end, this is the norm, at the other end, they have their needs to provide for the family and accomplish their own goals.

I can say from my own experience, this can be confusing as hell to deal with. You want/need to improve your business, but the culture is about hating on those that actually do improve their business.

Now this isn’t everyone, but if you look below people’s comment sections when they are finally raising their service price, it’s like they have just committed a cardinal sin.  

Because I see this trend happening too much (probably more from people who love to troll) I decided to make a short 23 min blog video breakdown on my website going over the above plus what occurs when barbers have this poor world view of money and how that affects the industry as a whole from progressing at all.

Hopefully this provides those that are a bit confused with clarity and a clear cut idea of what to work towards without being a martyr to your own business.

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