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Written by Daniel Contreras on December 29th, 2020

About this video:

Can’t grow
Why problem exists: Can't stay on one task, multi tasking, doing multiple things at once
How to fix: Commit to one thing a day, do one task, don't abort when baby is only one month old


-Has multiple business “opportunities”

-Pattern of existence, literally programmed their mind to always needing to do something. So when not multitasking, alarms are going off to try to find something else to do as a task

-Thinking that the more you add on, the more output you will get

-Can’t even sit still and think critically on a problem or issue without being drawn away or distracted. Neurotic freak- everything seems impossible and hard (if that’s not you, then you know of some people who have)

What these examples lead to:

-An inability to complete anything, and anything you do complete will be shitty, not up to standard, and lead you to thinking you are “incapable” or not talented enough.

-Taking longer amounts of time to do simple tasks for progress.

The longer it takes you to progress, the more ground someone who is locked in is gaining on you or creating separation.

Practical things to improve this:

-We want to cut everything out that doesn’t help us, and also always only do one thing at a time.

If you are eating, just eat, don’t be watching a video or thinking or doing work.

This again reinforces the brain to always be looking to add multiple actions to do at once and that sub par effort into anything is acceptable (because that is the only thing you will get from that level of attention)

-Now to do this, we have to fuck up.

You must set yourself up to only do one task and then monitor your mind and HOW it gets drawn away.

Once you see it get drawn away, bam you can catch that thought and trace it back to the root cause, which will allow you to cut out what led you down hat path to then getting distracted

-Example of this is let’s say you are working on a piece of marketing.

But, your phone keeps sending you notifications of someone messaging you or sending you a snapchat or some bs.

Your will power might be able to hold up, but only for so long before you will give into checking and see what's going on, what people want and that  might lead you to opening your ig or youtube app, searching for something and then spending 5 hours sitting there like a blob of nothing scrolling and watching bs instead of improving your product. BAD. 

You do this already to some capacity, and you might think “oh it’s not that big of a deal, I just check it then get back to work” but by then you’ve lost your flow state, you start back at square zero and have to build up that thought momentum and you also lose your place from where you were originally working at.

All of these excuses or bad and stupid and validate why you should continue this terrible inefficient behavior

-Once you’ve cut out the unnecessary mess, it’s time to clearly identify what needs to be worked on and what to not work on.

For this, always identify what you want that you don't have.

Then, identify what must be built in order to achieve that goal.

Then of course you work your way backwards piecing it together so you have a clear picture of what must come and be built before the next thing, and you will have a clear path of what needs to be done.

Then, you ONLY do and work on that first thing until it is completely built to spec and not half assed. 

This can take upwards of months to just focus on one area or even things such as product, marketing, scaling or making your business more efficient from a profit loss standpoint, finances et cetera. 

This way, you spend each day solely focused on building out one thing, for an extended period of time. Results will occur and progress will be seen IF you are taking the correct results. 

-Lastly, constant self auditing and analysis needs to be taken to ensure this is kept up to a high standard.

Even when creating this breakdown video I had to catch myself from doing other things, pause, and bring myself back to what I was doing so I don’t stray away from goal. 

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