Why Elevated Mentorship Students Thrive On Social Media

Written by Daniel Contreras on December 15th, 2020

About this video:

Most barbers in my experience try to guess at the hacks or tactics of what I teach students

-Time posting
-How often they post

None of this would work to be quite honest, and even if you were to learn the tactics I teach, the problem is that by the time they are implemented, the platform itself would have already changed again


In an ever-changing platform where tactics are outdated each month, you can’t afford to focus on that for survival

-And this is a game of survival

You must fall into core principles to follow that don’t waver depending on what platform or what newest adaptationThe top principle that I follow to teach anyone of my students is simple

-Adapt or dieWhat does that mean

-It follows Darwin’s theory of evolution on the fact that over time, beings or things will change naturally over time due to their favorable physical or behavioral traits best suited for their environment

Where do we see this at

-Nature and animals  
-black spiders vs green spiders

We also see this in business

-Walmart VS other convenience stores
-Apple VS mp3 player
-Amazon VS other early e-commerce stores/Walmart

What not only occurs is natural selection, but also evolve over time of products, services, or in this case content

To make this more clear, here’s a visual representation of what happens over time


So how do this tie into content and the barber industry

-Your content must adapt or die to the new layout  
-No tactics, tips or tricks will assist unless you understand this underlying principle

When barbers want help with their content, they look for easy fixes.

This is the long term fix for not only the way you market yourself but also how you approach the industry

The simplest question every barber needs to ask themselves is, are they adapting to the new layout, are they aware of whats going on?

Awareness is the biggest factor in this

-Awareness is not just aware of what you are doing, but what the industry as a whole and how the mass is moving.
-To achieve that awareness, you must get out of the eye of the storm and look from a third-person point of view.  
-The generals during a war are not on the battlefield in the middle of the fight, they have a birds-eye view or a layout of exactly how and where to position their troops to complete the mission
-You must play as the general of battle, and get out of the chaos of the war zone to get a good understanding of the layout of the battlefield
-Only then, can you go back into soldier mode and start working and attacking

You also see this analogy with CEO’s of giant companies, Successful Construction managers are always overseeing, and never doing the work, even sports has this analogy of having coaches up above the playing field level calling plays down to the players, or even just standing on the sidelines in order to see the field as a whole and give feedback to those who are focused solely on playingThat is what you must be to thrive on social media

Be the Owner, GM, Coach, And player all in one, and all flipping back and forth between roles to get an assessment for which direction to go next.

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