Wanting Everything And Achieving Nothing: The Cure To This Downfall

Written by Daniel Contreras on December 15th, 2020

About this video:

Freedom from focus

-The 1 mistake all barbers will face at some point in time
-Get success and momentum and wan to branch out and do a million other things at once
-Stagnant in their career and look to add on other streams of income
-What a visual representation of this looks like
-Both have dissipations of focused energy on 1 goal


-What is created: sub-par work
-With one, they have had success keeping 1 thing the main thing of their focus, but then try to branch off and create that same success in every smaller thing they do
-With the other, the barber feels the pressure of this not working out of cutting hair, and decides to add more onto their plate. This barber actually already has 100 other things on their plate but fails to see this
-Why this happens and what I’ve learned
-Overconfidence, which is normal. The feeling that they can conquer everything, which they can if they stick to this model
-Lack of awareness of the situation, most times this individual has been in the chaos of this storm for so long they don’t realize the mess they have created. Nothing they try to add on will work, only cutting out will create momentum
-What areas of barbering does this affect
-Social media  
-Overall career
-What the solution is for this
-End goal
-Identify the one thing that will produce the most ROI for getting to that goal
-Cut out everything that is irrelevant
-Then list out the areas of focus to achieve that 1 thing the fastest
-Repeat process of cutting out all factors that don’t pertain to getting to this goal with the highest amount of ROI
-The time frame or measurable result to see progress on goal
-Work for that time frame.  
-Once the goal is accomplished, repeat this entire exercise from the point of identifying the first 1 thing


-Goal: Financial freedom
-List of things needed to get there as a barber: create sustainable business inside of industry solving a major problem, real estate, charging $100 per haircut, education
-charging $100 per haircut
-Demand, clients, better skills, cut in a better environment, move to a bigger city
- create demand social media
-Measurable: be 75% fully booked out the schedule each week at the current price point
-Once the goal is met, I will have filled up slots through social media, and are capable of raising prices to repeat and iterate the process until I am charging $100

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