Barber Progression: How I Make Decisions To Create Growth

Written by Daniel Contreras on December 13th, 2020

About this video: 

Our decisions shape who we are.

Taking account of what the desired outcome of each action allowed me to be more efficient, get more done in less time, and see progress in my business as a barber.  

-Create Point of Optimization

Most barbers guess their way through their entire career, which is why they never get farther than the average income level.

Having a point of optimization will allow you to correctly identify if what you are choosing to do day in and day out actually makes logical sense in the overall plan you have for the year and will keep you on the rails.

-Audit daily actions

Humans love to waste time.

Social media, texting, the internet in general has allowed gateways of distraction to occur that need to be audited and minimized if you really are going to achieve your goal.

If you choose to ignore, you are already making it 200 times harder on yourself.

Simply removing stuff from your reach will improve your output exponentially, and something that I still practice today.

-Double down on actions that are optimized for point of success

If it makes the boat go faster, do more of it.

Don't be stupid, this is pretty logical and straightforward.

Identify and do more.

-If lost, go back to point of optimization to get back on track

The great thing of having a point of optimization is that it will make things very clear as to when you get lost in the bs of what everyone else "says you need to be doing".

Keep track of where you are in relation to that, and you can never lose.

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