6 Lessons I Learned About Raising My Prices And Growth As A Barber

Written by Daniel Contreras on December 13th, 2020

About this video: 

6 Things I learned on my journey

1. Make a damn decision on what I actually wanted

Decided that I didn’t want to cut hair long term

Decided that starting over wasn’t in my best interest and to find out what I did want long term would take time

Made the decision to figure out what that wasHow you do one thing is how you do everything, so if I leave to go do something else, I won’t be doing that other thing up to excellence level

2. Seek clarity on that vision and who you have to become daily to keep me on track

Write out what traits of habit and character I needed to develop in myself to get to a high level

Understanding time vs results from that point of decision is working against me

3. Focus solely on ROI positive actions only

First-order consequences vs 3rd and 4th order consequences

Using my days off for times to plot out my vision and get even clearer on that

Understanding what it would take for me to build the habits of the individual that creates my ideal vision with ease (discipline, creativity, business-minded, long term thinking)

4. It’s not about who can cut hair the best that gets paid but solving the biggest need the best for clients

None of my clients currently are the people I need to listen to to be able to get to my next level, as none will follow me.

I must develop listening habits as well as be able to connect the dots

Think about why some people pay for jeans from thrift stores vs buying jeans from AMIRI (the better quality product that solves the needs of the consumer will always win)

5. Be efficient, not busy

Cutting hair doesn’t mean having big clients.

This started to become really understandable when I was only cutting 4-5 heads per day but walking out of the shop with $700-$900

This also comes in from a marketing standpoint.

Be efficient with your content, I knew when I created a post how many clients it would bring me in, who those clients were and how much they would pay me on top of my prices I charged and became a game I became obsessed with.

There’s a gap between what most barbers create for content and the approach I was taking with it.

6. The ability to not move away from your goal will be your superpower.

Stay inside the vehicle till the destination is reachedKeep the main goal of your main goal until you reach that destination.

The lessons learned from that will allow you to make iterations on the next project you want to work on and improve.

Do not waver, focus, and understanding that it is possible will keep you in the game.

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